Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fermented Cod Liver Oil - and Sciatica relief - who knew?

So, I have been doing this from scratch thing for the past month and a half, starting last week - I added taking Fermented Cod Liver oil every morning with my coffee.  (I will get back to the coffee later...).

Now, some back story (get it - "back story"? ah... never mind - I don't like puns much either), I have been suffering off and on with Sciatica and lower back pain for the past 18 or so years.  In the last two years it has gotten worse - to the point where I can't actually sleep on my back due to the pain (must sleep on my side or tummy).  Anyway, in the last couple of days I noticed that my back didn't hurt.  Not even a little bit.  I used to need to slowly kneel on the floor to get the cat food dishes and fill them in the morning, but all of a sudden I can just stoop down.  It's a miracle.

First I thought - "hey this healthy eating is working wonders - maybe it's the weight loss..." but honestly I have only lost about 14 lbs so far (which is amazing and wonderful - but still...).  Then I thought... "humm what else have I changed???".  And it came to me - I have started taking fermented cod liver oil.  Huhh... could that be it?

So off to google I go - and I google "fermented cod liver oil back pain" - and guess what I find?  Cod liver oil is anti-inflammatory, and is known to help relief some types of back pain.

Why is this the first I have heard of this?  The Chiropractor never mentioned that this might help, nor did my doctor.  Unreal.

Oh, on the coffee - I have been trying out taking 1tbs of virgin coconut oil with a small amount of grass fed butter in my morning cup of coffee every day.  I have 3 cups like this, the amount of calories added is substantial - but the side affect is that I am not hungry at work, no never need to nibble...


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