Sunday, February 09, 2014

Well January has passed and we are rushing into February.  The "from scratch" tryout was a little difficult as I was traveling for two weeks during January (first to Vegas, then to Iceland).  Even with that bit of diversion, an interesting side affect of this eating method is that I am losing weight at a good clip, originally it was about 0.5 lbs a day, but it has slowed to about 2 lbs a week.  Not bad for no real effort (over making all my food from scratch).  Total loss (to date) is approx. 12 lbs.

Things I have done when eating out:

  1. Don't stress about eating out.
  2. If you want a hamburger, just don't eat the bun (usually white bread with no nutritional advantage). 
  3. Have a beer with your food, if you want.  Some splurging does not affect overall health.
  4. Desert is fine, but you will discover that since you don't eat very much sweet food - you can't actually finish desert.
Changes to my daily routine:
  1. I make a huge pot of stew on Sunday - this will cover lunches for *at least* two weeks.
  2. Dehydrated apples make great snack food.
  3. Same with raw almonds (soak first in salted water, then dehydrate)
  4. Breakfast is Bob's Red Mill Muesli, a little cream, and soaked in hot water.
  5. Coffee - home roasted coffee, some cream and coconut oil (1 TBS per cup) - blend together.  I have two cups like this, and one with just cream.
  6. Supper is a glass of home-made kefir.
The other thing I have been doing (as time permits) is using my rowing machine 30 min at a time.  I get the Concept2 Workout of the Day delivered via email each day, and if I have time after work I do that before bed.  Lately I have been getting in about 2-3 workouts a week - as it's been crazy busy at work.



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