Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ever have a friend that you loose touch with? A little times goes by and you say "I should call them". But then A LOT of time goes by and you figure that it has just been too long?

That is how I feel about this blog - and I have so much that has been going on!

To get you caught up, I sold the NZAK. We were not getting along well - I like to do things a certain way, and it didn't. So off it went to someone that really can care and treat it with all the respect it deserves. While we are on the subject of NZAK, the manufacturer made a great video showing how to caston and knit using the NZAK. Highly recommend it, even if you don't have a NZAK.

In the meantime I went through several of Circular Sock Machines before I found the two that I have now.

  • There was the Verdun - very nice machine, knit like a dream - just wasn't "the one" for me.
  • Then there was the Creelman - beautiful. The only problem was by the time I got the Creelman I had decided that I didn't like that style of machine.
  • This was followed by the Project Legare 400 - loved that machine. I took it apart, cleaned and polished every piece knitted on it it was just a really nice machine. But by then I had 3 of them, and one had to go. It was the odd man out because the other two where the same style of Legare, and I wanted a matched set. So off that went to it's new home.
  • That left me with 2 Legare 400 machines, both with the rounded base. Finally the search was over.

The best part about this machine shuffle is that I learned a HUGE amount about the different styles, how they work, what I liked/disliked. It was an excellent opportunity. But, I am glad to have my garage back though. Cleaning a machine takes me about two weeks - and takes over the garage. Now I can concentrate on socks.

About a month ago - I started thinking about flatbed knitting machines. humm.... I have a LK100 stored that my Mom and I purchased YEARS ago, never have I taken it out of it's box so I don't even know if it works. My guess though is that with a new sponge bar it would work great.

So, the cycle starts again, just trying to find the right machine. Something that does ribbing, color, etc.

So, I started off with a Brother KH830, cleaned it, put a new sponge bar in it - checked out that the punchcard works. Made a swatch. Great machine - but these knitting machines take up so much space, even when put away....

Next I thought I would try out a Singer SK700, I have no opinion about that machine - the quality of the packing done by the seller was, well, non-existent. The machine arrived all dented and damaged - the carriage was wrapped in fiberglass insulation. Ugh. That went back, still waiting on the final resolution.

Then there is the Passap DM80. Now I purchased this through Craigslist, but what the seller forgot to mention (and I forgot to ask) was that the machine had had a tumble. So, this weekend I spent taking the machine apart, removing the frame (which is bent) so that next weekend I can put in a new frame. Other than the fact that I have to rebuild from the ground up - I am completely in love with this machine. It really speaks to my geeky heart.

That means, that the Brother is off to be sold. Only have room for one full sized standard knitting machine - and that Passap is a bit chunky.

What else?

I made a video on YouTube showing how to graft toes when they come off a sock machine...

I have learned a slight modification to the technique shown that gets rid of the "ears".


At 7:29 PM, Blogger ThatTallGuy said...

It's amazing the things you find to avoid homework. ;D

At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooooh. That's *your* video?

I found it very useful indeed. Thanks.


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