Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rules for my New Years resolution

I thought I should put the rules out there for the “From Scratch” challenge - I am currently planing on two months, but with the option of going the entire year:
  1. All food must be made from scratch.
  2. Milk, must be organic, local and Whole.
  3. Eggs, must be from a local source.
  4. When possible - veggies and fruit should be local. It’s winter so that will be a bit tough right now, so non-local is OK.
  5. Meat (not counting the existing chicken breasts in the freezer) has to also be from a local source.
  6. Scratch is defined as the ingredients used are closest to “real” food. Should be things that your great grandmother would recognize as ingredients.
  7. Examples: no commercial flour, no peanut butter etc, absolutely no hydrogenated oils.
  8. There are some exceptions: it is preferred to make pasta from scratch, but, using what is currently in the house is allowed, this also goes for pasta sauce. I have one pot of Dijon mustard, that is allowed (will make it from scratch when i run out), as well as the Marmite (can’t make from scratch, will continue to get it from the UK). Anything that is home preserved is allowed as well.
  9. One meal is allowed to be eaten out (per week).
Yesterday I spend a bit of time going through the pantry, fridge and spice cabinet - either throwing out, or putting in the donation bin, preprocessed food. I did miss the pasta sauce - so that’s now allowed, when it’s gone, i need to make it from scratch.



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