Sunday, February 16, 2014

More positive affect from this "from scratch" eating.  Looks like I have lost about 2 inches at my waist.  I am now in the "normal risk" group for heart disease - using waist measurement as an indicator.  So - yeah me!

On Friday I had the urge for nacho chips and salsa.  This then required that I make salsa (chunked tomatoes, dehydrated (deseeded) hot peppers, various spices, and dehydrated garlic - (lots of this), I pretty much used the recipe as inspiration and did not follow it.  Put this in a mason jar to sit overnight.

Then make the chips.

I used a simple whole wheat tortilla recipe from Bread Beckers, cut the tortilla's into 6 pieces each.  I then did an experiment - fried 1/2 of them in Red Palm Oil, and baked the rest at 450 deg for about 10 (ish) mins.  I found that the baked ones were more "cracker like", and tasted similar to the fried ones. Since it is much simpler to bake the chips than bother with frying them - from now on - baked it is.

My next experiment will be corn tortilla chips - but in researching it - I find that you have to process the corn first by cooking/soaking in "pickling lime", then you can use the corn for the chips.  I don't have organic field (dent) corn, but will try this with the organic popcorn and will see if that works OK.



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